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CSA Share Options

Welcome.  All Share types for 2018 are now sold out! If you are interested in 2019 CSA membership, please drop us an email at info@hermitcreekfarm.com and we'll add you to our waiting list or check back and sign-up in Early January, 2019. Thanks. 

You might notice a few changes this season as we've streamlined our share offerings just a bit. But that said... 

... Our Classic CSA shares have all the same great veggies, the Flex-Plan (new in 2017) has proved to be greatly popular, and we are very excited to roll out our NEW Summer Choice Share.

HCF Classic CSA Shares

A mix of the freshest organic produce of the season, harvested at the peak of flavor and delivered either weekly or every-other-week. Each box comes with a hearty portion of 7 to 14 different crops.

  • The Works! - SOLD OUT Weekly June-November, then once a month thru winter, 27 deliveries, with savings for you. $860
  • Works Lite - SOLD OUT Every-other-week June-November, then once a month thru winter, 16 deliveries, with savings for you. $550
  • Summer Share - SOLD OUT Early-June into October for 18 weekly deliveries. $540
  • EOW Summer Share - SOLD OUT Early-June into October on an every-other-week schedule, 9 deliveries in all. $280
  • Fall ShareSOLD OUT October/November, 5 weeks. $160
  • EOW Fall ShareSOLD OUT 3 deliveries, every-other-week. $100
  • Winter ShareSOLD OUT December-March, 4 deliveries the first week of each month. $180

Flex-Plan CSA Share SOLD OUT

A flexible share to fit your busy life, our classic CSA share when you want it. You pick the days you want to receive a box (available from our summer & fall share seasons) and we deliver! Perfect for those planning to travel or simply wanting to give CSA a trial run.

  • 6 Box Plan - Our Classic CSA Share delivered on 6 dates of your choosing between June-November. $200
  • 12 Box Plan - Our Classic CSA Share delivered on 12 dates of your choosing between June-November. $400

NEW Summer Choice Share

SOLD OUT Now you have a choice! Customize your CSA share to fit your families needs. Simply choose 8 items from a weekly "pick list" emailed to you, return that email and we deliver your hand crafted CSA share. Get the items you want (limited of course to what is in season!). There are a limited number of Choice Shares available so hurry, sign up today!

Click here for more detail concerning the Summer Choice Share

  • Weekly Summer Choice - SOLD OUT 18 deliveries, June-October. $625
  • EOW Summer Choice SOLD OUT 9 deliveries, June-October. $330

Pastured Meat Shares SOLD OUT

  • Pastured Pork Share - A 25+ lb. share includes a selection of chops, steaks, roasts, ground, and cured bacon. Fresh frozen, labeled, and vacuum-packed to assure quality. Typically available in mid-November, delivery to Ashland and Duluth-Superior. $160
  • Pastured Lamb ShareComing Soon! We're waiting on 2018 lambing season, and believe it or not, we have a waiting list and anticipate all shares to be sold at this time! Check back again. $TBD


CSA Share OptionsOctober 22nd, 2018

Welcome.  All Share types for 2018 are now sold out! If you are interested in 2019 CSA membership, please drop us an email at info@hermitcreekfarm.com and we'll add you to our wait

Notes from the Farm KitchenJuly 17th, 2018

Greetings, welcome to Notes From the Farm Kitchen, a mostly weekly gathering of news, tidbits, recipes, and other good stuff from Hermit Creek Farm. The format is informal, we'll add as we go, just sc

CSA PaymentMarch 21st, 2018

Whether using our handy electronic sign-up (pay with PayPal) or with our paper sign-up form (pay with a check), you are just a few short steps away from a season of great eating!

What's up at Hermit Creek?


The leaves are down, crops are nearly all harvested, snow buntings mix with the first snow squalls, firewood needs splitting, and we are scrambling to finish all those things that need doing before our farm world turns white for the next five months!  




All 2018 CSA shares are now SOLD OUT.

If you're interested in 2019 CSA membership, please drop us an email at info@hermitcreekfarm.com and we'll add you to our CSA wait list or check back early January.
















We believe in the old adage, "you are what you eat!" and besides our belief in organic food being healthier for you, it's also healthier for your farmer and the land.










At Hermit Creek, we're serious about how we farm, we're serious about our health, and we're serious about your health as well. Certified organic, it's simply plain old common sense.