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About HCFarm's CSA

 Why choose Hermit Creek Farm? 

Experience - 20+ years as a CSA gives us the experience to guide us through the vagaries of our northern growing season and ensure our customers they will receive the very best product possible.

Family Owned -  We are one farm, two farmers, and three border collies working hard for you. We believe it is important when you contact HCFarm, you talk directly to us, your family's farmer.

Serving the area with the widest CSA delivery in the region - With delivery to Duluth, Superior, Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield, Mason, Iron River, and High Bridge, we likely have a delivery site near you!

Certified Organic - We have followed national organic standards for 20+ years, including rigorous documentation of our farming practices with provisions for protecting local biological diversity, soil, and water.

CSA Is Probably A Good Fit For You If...

  • You love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.
  • You value the taste of fresh, quality ingredients.
  • Local is important to you; you want to know where your food comes from.
  • You consider yourself a foodie or like the idea of becoming one! 

Hey, YOU are a prime CSA candidate!

Want to know more about HCF's CSA? Check out Tips For CSA Members, Frequently Asked ?'s, and CSA Philosophy 

Notes from the Farm KitchenMarch 6th, 2018

Greetings, welcome to Notes From the Farm Kitchen, a mostly weekly gathering of news, tidbits, recipes, and other good stuff from Hermit Creek Farm. The format is informal, we'll add as we go, just sc

CSA Delivery SitesJanuary 8th, 2018

From Duluth, MN to High Bridge, WI and many points in between, HCF has a delivery site near you!  Duluth/Superior Area All Twin Ports Deliveries are on Wednesdays  Chester Creek Cafe -

CSA Share OptionsJanuary 8th, 2018

Hey, we're not open for 2018 CSA sign-up yet but we're getting close! Check back soon or drop us an email at info@hermitcreekfarm.com and we'll put you on our waiting list (that insures you'll he

What's up at Hermit Creek?


2018 CSA sign-up is now open with new share options available.
















We believe in the old adage, "you are what you eat!" and besides our belief in organic food being healthier for you, it's also healthier for your farmer and the land.










At Hermit Creek, we're serious about how we farm, we're serious about our health, and we're serious about your health as well. Certified organic, it's simply plain old common sense.